Steel Rolls

Mechanical rollers are the strength of our company. We have vast experience on any type of construction in this field. We can make any type of roller up to a length of 5 meters.

Machined Materials

Carbon steel Cased-hardened alloy steel Hardened and tempered alloy steel Nitride hardened steel Tempered steel Stainless steel Bronze Alumin ...


Case-hardening Tempering Induction tempering Hardening and tempering Stress relieving Nitration Other treatments on request


Iron welding Stainless steel welding Tungsten carbide Ceramic Bronze Chrome plating Nickel plating Teflon coating Liquid carburising Burnis ...


We produce packaging for any sort of shipment. Natural rubber Neoprene Epan Hypalon Nitrile Silicone Polyurethane Other coatings on ...


Balancing ensures optimal use of parts at high rotating speeds, guaranteeing a longer life. 


Rettifica per rugosità 0.4/0.8 Nastratura per rugosità inferiori
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