Mechanical Technology for your Technologies

We are a company specialised in mechanical processes and manufacturing of rollers, including those for belt conveyors, as well as supports, structural works, assembled units, shafts and flanges, among others, for any sector, including the iron and steel sector and other industries such as textile, papermaking, food, tanning, milling, flexographic, etc.


Assembly units are developed exclusively by our staff who received proper training to carry out each procedure with utmost precision.


We have two machines dedicated to grinding that are ran and monitored with utmost precision by state-of-the-art instruments and competent trained staff.


Our turning processes are carried out with latest generation machines to guarantee utmost precision and results that fully meet the demands of customers in term ...

Threadnig and Toothing

We are able to thread any shape and size thanks to software specially designed by our company. For utmost precision and quality, our toothing processes are car ...

Steel Rolls

Mechanical rollers are the strength of our company. We have vast experience on any type of construction in this field. We can make any type of roller up to a le ...

Mechanical accessories

Our company pays careful attention to meeting customer needs, whether small or big. In fact we not only deal with mechanical constructions, but we also focus on ...
Machinery Fleet
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