Marpa is a qualified company engaged in the mechanical processing sector and high precision mechanical industry that has proven to be a highly reliable business over the years.

Since 1995, the two owners, Giuseppe Marchetto and Mario Pauletto have led the company to be a major technical partner for all sectors thanks to their great effort and dedication.

Our strength is our constant growth to better meet our customers' demand. In fact, after establishing our business, we decided to grow internally through the acquisition of state-of-the-art instruments and machinery to offer more efficient services in terms of quality and times.

Our machine fleet includes latest generation machines with different CNC lathes, grinders, machining centres, 5-axis turning centres and support instrumentation for static and dynamic balancing for any roller, shaft or rotor.
We are specialised in manufacturing of rollers (even for belt conveyors), as well as supports, structural works, assembled units, shafts and flanges for any sector, including the iron and steel sector, the industries such as textile, papermaking, food, tanning, milling, flexographic, etc.
We have always promoted a corporate policy that strives on the specific competence of each member of our team. Everyone carries out their own tasks and covers a specific role. This is how we get the ultimate quality by seeking to achieve success of our own work. This is why we have taken full advantage of our skills transforming them into experience.
All of our efforts have helped the company boast a major portfolio of customers who can count on a finished product that fully meets demands and to that end we are able to render additional services such as, grouting, hardening, chrome plating, titanium coating, Teflon coating, liquid carburising, nitriding, gumming, assembly of machines or parts, structural works, supports, etc. Our goal is also to help customers simplify the search process for a complete job in all of its phases.
Recent investments, such as the Mazak Integrex e-650H II (unique throughout the nation for its sizes) can be a significant sign on our part of how much emphasis we put to the perfection of each job.
Being able to fully meet specific demands of each of our customers who put their trust in our company is one of the main goals we intend to pursue.
We hope that our production can meet your needs. Sincerely,
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